Couples Therapy

A relationship goes through numerous phases during its life cycle, and it is obvious for it to have a few rough patches. The strength of a relationship is reflected in how the couples deal with rough patches and move ahead. The lifestyle of the people and the modern day thinking has changed the pattern of thinking of people in respect to relationships. This has turned the statistics for divorce and marriage upside down. However, lasting love is actually a decision and a commitment. Studies show that the majority of reasons partners are attracted to each other are related to unconscious unmet needs, attachment styles, etc. My approach towards couples therapy is oriented not only towards solving the problems the couple is facing with each other, but to infuse hope and revive the feeling of love and affection they have towards each other. This is accomplished through assessing each other's love styles that were imprinted in childhood, discovering each others personality strengths, education about couples research, and learning to comfort each other through empathetic listening skills.

black couple