Therapy for Children and Adolescents

Children have many of the same emotional problems as adults such as adjusting to loss or change, divorce, bullying, or other emotional trauma. However, they oftentimes do not have the words or ability to verbalize their emotions. This is why I will utilize play therapy with younger children in most cases. It helps them to express their underlying feelings through themes in their play. I will work closely with the parents and caregivers to fully understand the problems and teach them to help the child at home. There are other problems such as developmental delays, mood instability, disruptive behaviors, inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity that require psychological assessment to help clarify the diagnosis in order to formulate the appropriate treatment plan. For example, behavior modification using rewards and consequences is most effective for managing disruptive and oppositional behaviors. Older children and adolescents may be able to relate more verbally, but sometimes prefer less direct communication such as using art, and playing games to express themselves. Teens face many more problems today than previous generations that include problems with social media, cutting, and addictions to games, pornography, and designer drugs. I will build a rapport and trust with the teen through a confidential relationship, but will also work with parents to help resolve family dynamics that may be contributing to the problems.


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